Our vehicle

Ford Transit Custom  9 seater (8 + 1)


Extremely reliable


New Ford Transit Custom has been subjected in  comprehensive testing of commercial vehicles. Verification of the resistance lasted six months and consisted of a simulation of 10 years of extremely demanding customer that your vehicle does not hold back at all.


Comfortable interior

New Ford Transit Custom offers elegant interior-level passenger cars combined with a higher level of comfort, practicality during everyday use and high standard workmanship. Brings to the class of single-tone vehicle new level of attractiveness.


Five-Star  Security protects you

Transit Custom is the first ever supply in this segment, which gained in road safety Euro NCAP, full 5 stars. In addition to other safety innovations, the new Ford Transit Custom also first new car in its segment that has been developed taking into account the latest Euro NCAP protocols for commercial vehicles.


A completely new system of ventilation and air conditioning

There are two brand new systems. They offer considerably higher airflow and better performance of heating or cooling. Part of the electronic control are the three selectors. Customers can choose a standard heater with recirculation and manual air conditioning in the front. Rear space in combi models can be selected independent air conditioning system.


Maximum protection through a solid car bodywork

The new Transit Custom is the first ever Transit, in which the design is applied high strength steel with addition of boron. Boron steels and other high strength steel admixtures constitute over 40% of the body, including the components comprising a protective frame around the passenger compartment. This makes the body very light and robust at the same time. The entire body structure has been optimized with the use of more than 4,500 computer simulations and real 30 barrier trials around the vehicle.


Advanced airbag system

The new Transit Custom is equipped with front, side and curtain airbags for driver and front passenger. Airbags have improved system activation. As in the latest passenger cars, Ford is equipped is also steering column adjustable, which in the event of a frontal collision at high speed helps reduce the risk of injury to the head and chest of the driver.


ESP helps keep the vehicle under control

The electronic stability program ESP continuously monitors the movement of your vehicle. Detects any deviation from the chosen running track, for example, starting a skid, and automatically corrects the driving of the vehicle in order to maintain full control over it. This technology also reduces the braking distance.


Safer braking regardless of load

The new Transite Custom refer ABS brakes in combination with the electronic brake force distribution between the front and rear axles EBD, depending on whether the vehicle is empty or fully loaded. The result is a more efficient braking and stability control, which is especially important when braking in a curve. The system also reduces the braking distance.