Loyalty program IZIpoints

Loyalty program IZIpoints


IZIjet Company Ltd. through its portal izijet.sk rewards its customers for loyalty by loyalty program IZIpoints. Loyaltycredit, hereinafter IZIpoints gives the customer who will pay non-cash order through the portal IZIjet.sk

Loyalty program works as follows:

  • For each purchase the customer receives for each 1 Euro orders 1.1 IZIpoint
  • The value of one 1 IZIpoint is 0.10 €
  • After reaching 200 points, the customer is entitled to use the discount from the purchase price
  • The customer must be registered on the portal izijet.sk and have their own account with a valid email address.
  • IZIbody customers are attributed to non-cash payment orders and recorded it in our box.
  • State of IZIpoints is possible to verify by log in into the customer account, points can only be used for services offered at izijet.sk (do not apply to goods offered at izijet.sk). Points can not be exchanged for money.

Attention : IZIpoints can be used only from one customer account (based on one e-mail address), points from several accounts are not aggregated