Actual informations in

Actual informations


The company izijet could open an shuttle at 20:30 for more information please contact us.

Company izijet provides regullar shutlles according confirmed reservations.

The passenger is Obliged to have all travel tickets, flight tickets, reservations have in printed form ! Documents in mobiles phones, tablets, computers,  are not accepted by police authorities. izijet is not responsible for non-admission to the territory of hungary due to insufficient proof of travel ( Missing mentioned documents )

The passenger is  obliged to prove the purpose of his journey. The company izijet does not controll this dokuments.


information about  Entering and trasnfering into countries ( in slovak )     Travel and consullar informations



• In relation to the current situation we recommend to the client to have at least 120 minutes to change between the aircraft and regular departure to Košice

We higly reccoment to have all documents that provides yours stay in slovakia to have in written printed  form during whole yourney

 Examples of credible documents are:

health insurance card,
rental agreement,
employment contract,
agreement of service,
confirmation from the employer,
title deed to real estate intended for housing,
Trade Certificate,
confirmation of payment of direct debit,
confirmation of opening a bank account,
insurance contract and the like.
Read the Measure concerning the release of travel between the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia (PDF, 127 kB). at


Company izijet reccomends to all passengers to see all goverments regullations of transitting countries the slovak consular office informations are


Company Izijet is implementing the following measures to prevent the transmission of COVID 19:


• Every passenger will be asked to disinfect / wash their hands before boarding the vehicle. The passenger either uses his / her own disinfectant or isijet's employee will provide him with BENZINALKOHOL from microChem (100g of the product contains 96% alcohol (99g) and petrol)

  •  The passenger is obliget to wear face mask during ride
  •  The company disinfects vehicles after each ride 
  •  The company puts into operation vehicles properly ventilated and after 12 hours in the depot.


Information on arranging transfers on the regular line Košice - Budapest, Košice - Debrecen.


• Izijet operates properly according to the transport schedule, any changes will be notified to you by phone, mail.

• Information about transfers is provided by phone on the info line 421945454548, we notify customers of longer waiting periods when handling the telephone request in connection with higher occupancy of the customer line.


Information for passengers from partner shipping companies:


• also transports customers from partner shipping companies - in the event that you have received a shipping notification from, it will be carried out to ensure the transport-provide service to the destination booked by the client in the car.


What to do if your flight is changed or canceled?


• In the event of a change or cancellation of your flight, please report it by e-mail or by telephone with a cancellation request. Your request will be resolved in accordance with the PP of izijet sro


What time do I need to change to Budapest airport?


• In relation to the current situation we recommend to the client to have at least 120 minutes to change between the aircraft and regular departure to Košice